At Happily Ever After Pet Care & Rescue, we are always thinking about the homeless pets.  A portion of all proceeds is used for our own rescue animals.  On top of that Happily Ever After is actively involved with the rescue community and offers up time, training and care at little or no cost to other rescues.
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The rehoming process

To those who are considering owning a pet we offer the following information—not to discourage potential loving owners, but to aid them in making an informed decision.  Not just any pet will do well and thrive in all homes … At Happily Ever After it is our duty to help find the right species and breed that will fit your expectation, wants and lifestyle.  Every individual animal has a unique personality that will need a home willing and able to handle their own demands to flourish in a home.  Owning a pet is a joy but demands a true commitment to the physical and emotional health.


To adopt an animal from Happily Ever After, the first step is to submit an application.  The process takes a few weeks.  It involves vet and personal reference checks and interview of applicant.  There are no exceptions … Please remember that we are all volunteers and it may take a week or so after we receive your application to be contacted.

Sometimes several people may be interested in the same pet, so please remember that not every animal is right for every home.  To ensure a healthy and happy placement for our pets and their new families, we take the time to evaluate each animal’s temperament and try to match the right animal to the right family.


Due to our rehoming process, we adopt within the State of Michigan only. All fees are subject to change without notice. Submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt nor does it guarantee the animal will be adopted to you. We do not work on a first come first serve basis. We collect applications and make our best determination on where we think the animal would thrive the best.  We have the right to deny any applicant without explanation, and the decision is final.  Very rarely do we get written documentation of an animal’s age and breed.  We do not guarantee these, we work with professionals to help make the best determination.

All of our foster homes follow “Happily Ever After’s 30 Day Stay” policy and do not make ANY exceptions.  This policy requires every animal who comes into foster care, to stay in foster care for a minimum of 30 day before going to their forever home.

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How to help: Donations

We do not have an actual “location”, our rescue center is run by loving in-home fosters who welcome homeless pets into their own personal homes.  We also  help provide owners who are going through a hard time, temporary assistance in vetting and food so that they can keep their pets.  Our rescue survives off of donations made by people like you!  Below is a list of items that we are ALWAYS in need of to keep us bringing in homeless pets.  We don’t turn anything down!  If we can’t use it, we connect with other rescues in the area who can.  Please email us at to arrange a pick up or drop off in your area.

OUR wish list (for cats and dogs):

DRY & WET FOOD – “Pro Plan Indoor” preferred for cats due to sensitivity
TOYS – Kongs, ropes, balls, plush toys, etc.
GROOMING SUPPLIES – shampoo, condition, ear cleaner, etc.
COLLARS AND LEASHES“martingales” for dogs & “breakaways” for cats
CAT LITTER – prefer clumping/scoop-able


NEED to rehome an animal

photo 3(1)Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision.  We are non-judgmental regarding an individual’s reason behind surrendering the pet(s).  We will try our best to help any animal who needs a safe place.  If you have an animal that you can no longer care for, PLEASE think before taking your pet to a shelter, or having him/her put down!!  Once at a shelter their time to be adopted is very limited before they are euthanized, if they even get put up for adoption at all.

Happily Ever After’s Rescue Center was established in early 2011.  We are an ALL volunteer, foster home only rescue.  As of right now we are working towards becoming a non-profit 501-3(c), therefore we are very limited to the number of pets we can take in.  So if you are looking to rehome a pet and we are unable to take them in, we will refer you to a rescue (even breed specific) we trust so that they may be able to help.

All questions regarding animal surrenders and rehoming, please
email ONLY at:

*Phone calls will not be accepted for rehoming inquires.