The winter is the hardest time to keep that “doggie odor” down.  Our homes are locked up tight, no fresh air to blow through, and the furnace seems to just bake those smells ….. I have found that a lot of the products you buy to get rid of that odor only makes it worse (mixing perfumes with dog odor), or is shortly lived.  So here are MY top 3 ways (cheap or free) to cut down the smells this winter.

1 – COVER THE DOG BEDS AND WASH THEM WEEKLY! (You can use old bath towels, or if you have a theme in your home, go buy a towel or two that match the home decor).  Make sure to completely cover the dog bed, and wash them weekly.

2 – VACUUM MORE OFTEN. Vacuuming up that pet dander and hair is actually a great way to cut down those smells.  Do not use the sprinkle powders that you vacuum back up.  They really don’t work!

3 – GROOMING IS STILL IMPORTANT!  Just because it is cold out, does not mean that you do not need to bathe or brush your dog.  Make sure to continue with grooming through the winter months.


This is one of my favorite cats.  Even though they are named after and known for their “folded ears”  …

The Scottish Fold can be both long-haired or short-haired cats, and they are known for having just about any color or patterned coat.  Even if your Scottish Fold’s ears don’t actually flop over (and that’s okay if they don’t) their very small ears are still going to be less visible then their big expressive eyes and round head.  This breed is known for being very devoted and affectionate towards their owners.

Overview: this cute and sweet-tempered breed is very devoted, yet not too demanding, making for an wonderful companion.

This breed looks and sounds like a fluffy German Shepherd, but he is not!  A King Shepherd is a robust and solid dog.  His colors are sable, black saddle with tan, gold, cream or silver markings, white blue or liver.  His coat is either coarse – haired (straight) or long – haired (wavy).

This breed is self-confident, extremely intelligent and easy to train.  His courage and eagerness to protect makes for a great working dog.  Their docile and friendly nature towards kids and other animals make them a wonderful companion.

This dog did not get his name for being meek … they average in weight from 90-150 lbs and have plenty of stamina.  This dog needs a large yard and needs daily walks or jogs.  This dog craves to work loves strenuous challenges.  Their long coat is very hardy, but required regular grooming.

Overview: a loyal and protective family dog, requires a lot of exercise and grooming

What is this?!?!

If you have visited our website at all you should know by now, but if you have not … PLEASE GO THERE NOW!!!!
One thing I have learned though the years of rescue are the amount of owners who were either misinformed or completely clueless about their decision on pet ownership.  I saw more cases of this, than I did animal cruelty!  This lack of knowledge and education resulted in neglect, out of control animals, injuries to other pets or people, surrendering to rescues and shelters, and even the destroying of a healthy animal.

One thing I have always loved to do, and still do today is freely sit down with a family and evaluate what they are looking for and expect from their pet and how much effort they want to exert.  I will go over what type of animal, to even what specific breed.  This way owners are making a well educated decision before that pet even comes into the home.  I want to help do my part by offering up as much information as I can to help educate people before deciding on a pet that fits their life style and before they even make that purchase or adoption!

So welcome to Breed of the Week Spotlight!  Once a week I will post about a specific breed.  It could be a cat, dog, species of amphibian … whatever I feel like talking about that week!  So ENJOY! And share if you want!

Thank you for reading!

Cara Williams


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Here is an AMAZING resource from the ASPCA for all pet owners!  Look and see if you have any indoor or out door plants that may be toxic to your pet!  It will save you money, heartache, and hopefully a life!


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