Provide services for dogs
We offer training for any dog of any age! Our different package deals are:

  • Crate Training – Helping your dog love and want their safe place.
  • “Getting Down to Business” – Potty Training (house breaking ) program for puppies who just came home, stubborn pups who just aren’t getting it, or teaching your dog to “go” in one spot of the yard.
  • 3 Phase Puppy Obedience – For puppies starting between the ages 8-14 weeks. Once this program is completed your dog will be ready for CGC and/or therapy testing, or ready for events (ie: Obedience, flyball, etc.) Even if you do not want to pursue further testing and events, this training will provide the owner and dog all the proper tools and commands to live a happy life together.
  • 3 Phase Accelerated Dog Obedience – For dogs 6 months +. For that puppy who needs a refresher course to catch him/her up to age appropriate training. As well as the newly adopted dog (even senior) who may have previously had some training (or none), this course is a valuable bonding tool to go over commands with their new owner and teach them appropriate boundaries. This course still covers the early puppy basics, but accelerates through what they already know and focuses on getting them up to age appropriate training, or learning the boundaries in their new home.
  • Behavioral and Temperament Assessments – This is for any improper behaviors that the owner would like to curb or control. It is for that “bad habit” or “problem child” dog that just won’t stop: jumping, nipping, pulling on a leash, aggression, etc. This is a one on one evaluation with the option for a customized training program fit for just your dog.
  • Group Classes – COMING SOON!!