Breed of The Week Spotlight: Brat

What did you say?!  That’s right!  There is a cross breed (50/50 pure breed) called a … Brat.

This adorable little dog is the cross breed of a American Rat Terrier and Boston Terrier.  The Brat is very similar to their parent breeds.  They are a small, muscular short coat dog making grooming easy.  They are very loving and affectionate, but without the right training and “pack leader” can develop “Small dog syndrome” and become aggressive.  But being such an intelligent dog, training is usually very easy for this breed.  Brats also have a lot of energy.  The would do well in an apartment, or even country farm living … this dog will need a lot of exercise a day.

Overview: This loving small dog requires little grooming, but a lot of exercise.  They make wonderful companion pals for any type of household.

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