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French Bulldogs are an active, intelligent, muscular dog.  They are a medium to small breed.  Their short coats are either brindle, fawn, tan or white.  French Bulldogs, also known as “Frenchies”, are known for their ears …. their ears are known as the bat ear.  Broad at the base, elongated, with round top, set high in the head,  and carried erect.

The Frenchie is a companion dog. requiring to be close with their humans.  They are sweet and affectation, as well as patient: making them good with children.  Frenchies don’t bark much unless getting your attention for something they want.  This breed does not need a lot of grooming because of their short coat, but are sensitive to temperature changes.  These dogs can not live outside because “flat faced” snouts can cause respiratory conditions in the hot and cold weather, and can easily suffer from heat shock and frost bite.

What did you say?!  That’s right!  There is a cross breed (50/50 pure breed) called a … Brat.

This adorable little dog is the cross breed of a American Rat Terrier and Boston Terrier.  The Brat is very similar to their parent breeds.  They are a small, muscular short coat dog making grooming easy.  They are very loving and affectionate, but without the right training and “pack leader” can develop “Small dog syndrome” and become aggressive.  But being such an intelligent dog, training is usually very easy for this breed.  Brats also have a lot of energy.  The would do well in an apartment, or even country farm living … this dog will need a lot of exercise a day.

Overview: This loving small dog requires little grooming, but a lot of exercise.  They make wonderful companion pals for any type of household.

This is a long-haired, compact dog is brave, sensitive and independent.  But also very affectionate to their owners.  This dog makes a good watchdog, but make sure to display your dominance.  This dog is known to develop Small dog syndrome as well as some other negative behaviors such as: obstinate, jealousy, guarding, snapping and obsessive barking.  They can become untrustworthy of children and even adult.

This 8-10 lbs dog does not require much exercise, but at least a daily walk.  Their short bodies, and long hair make for demanding grooming needs.

Overview: This small dog is a good companion with the right training and firm pack leader.  They do not need a lot of exercising, but DAILY grooming is required.

Lets be honest, this is not an easy task to master!  But I get a lot of calls regarding it, because life with a dog that pulls is not fun either!  Here are some tips on starting out on loose leash walking.  For more information call 248.919.8160 or email us at

Let your little one get used to a leash first.  Start by letting him or her drag the leash around the house for a few minutes.  Then once in a while pick up the end and apply just a little pressure.  You want your puppy to realize that pulling doesn’t take away the pressure, but “giving in” does ….. The first few times using a leash your little puppy may thrash around, that’s OK! Don’t stop, and DON’T pull back. They will calm, and when they do, comfort them by a small praise such as a treat or your soothing voice.

Adult Dogs
An adult with a history of pulling or no experience with walking will require more time to learn not to actually pull.  Consistency is the key, and short fun sessions are best for an adult dog.  For a dog that gets distracted too, change directions and speed.  This will force the dog to focus and keep their interest and listening on you.  With a handful of treats use a long space in your home (like a hallway) to start off.  Once you can maneuver through your house successfully, venture out to your own back yard, THEN the sidewalks of your neighborhood.

This breed looks and sounds like a fluffy German Shepherd, but he is not!  A King Shepherd is a robust and solid dog.  His colors are sable, black saddle with tan, gold, cream or silver markings, white blue or liver.  His coat is either coarse – haired (straight) or long – haired (wavy).

This breed is self-confident, extremely intelligent and easy to train.  His courage and eagerness to protect makes for a great working dog.  Their docile and friendly nature towards kids and other animals make them a wonderful companion.

This dog did not get his name for being meek … they average in weight from 90-150 lbs and have plenty of stamina.  This dog needs a large yard and needs daily walks or jogs.  This dog craves to work loves strenuous challenges.  Their long coat is very hardy, but required regular grooming.

Overview: a loyal and protective family dog, requires a lot of exercise and grooming

Here is an AMAZING resource from the ASPCA for all pet owners!  Look and see if you have any indoor or out door plants that may be toxic to your pet!  It will save you money, heartache, and hopefully a life!


If you are making your own meals for your dog, or give them the occasion table scrap …. Read this first!!
There are a lot of toxic foods that are in our homes that will poison your dog!