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This long haired cat is a very popular, and why not?  This social, affectionate cat does well in both active and quiet homes.  They love to be near their owners, and are accepting to strangers.  They are commonly tabby patterned in virtually any hue, and their long coat is surprisingly easy to care for.  But does require faithful grooming.  This breed sets them apart from others because of their size.  This cat can easy weigh 18+ pounds!

Overview: Very social family cat and easy to care for.  This breed is a large cat!

This is one of my favorite cats.  Even though they are named after and known for their “folded ears”  …

The Scottish Fold can be both long-haired or short-haired cats, and they are known for having just about any color or patterned coat.  Even if your Scottish Fold’s ears don’t actually flop over (and that’s okay if they don’t) their very small ears are still going to be less visible then their big expressive eyes and round head.  This breed is known for being very devoted and affectionate towards their owners.

Overview: this cute and sweet-tempered breed is very devoted, yet not too demanding, making for an wonderful companion.

Here is an AMAZING resource from the ASPCA for all pet owners!  Look and see if you have any indoor or out door plants that may be toxic to your pet!  It will save you money, heartache, and hopefully a life!


Most American house holds don’t know that a little fresh milk is actually NOT good for your cat!  Or that it really is a big deal that your little feline is getting into Fido’s food …..

Please read the list of toxic foods to help keep your four legged feline healthy and safe!