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I was hoping to get some interactions and dialog going regarding the Breed of the Week Spotlight, but have not gotten any. So I am leaving it up to my followers if we should continue this in 2013?

I can even do something once a month that is more in depth with related links and resource guides ….

What is this?!?!

If you have visited our website at all you should know by now, but if you have not … PLEASE GO THERE NOW!!!!
One thing I have learned though the years of rescue are the amount of owners who were either misinformed or completely clueless about their decision on pet ownership.  I saw more cases of this, than I did animal cruelty!  This lack of knowledge and education resulted in neglect, out of control animals, injuries to other pets or people, surrendering to rescues and shelters, and even the destroying of a healthy animal.

One thing I have always loved to do, and still do today is freely sit down with a family and evaluate what they are looking for and expect from their pet and how much effort they want to exert.  I will go over what type of animal, to even what specific breed.  This way owners are making a well educated decision before that pet even comes into the home.  I want to help do my part by offering up as much information as I can to help educate people before deciding on a pet that fits their life style and before they even make that purchase or adoption!

So welcome to Breed of the Week Spotlight!  Once a week I will post about a specific breed.  It could be a cat, dog, species of amphibian … whatever I feel like talking about that week!  So ENJOY! And share if you want!

Thank you for reading!

Cara Williams


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