Happily Ever After Pet Care & Rescue is committed to provide for your pets in the individual way that fits your lifestyle. We believe that every household and individual animal is different, and that there is no cookie cutter way to care for them. We offer a variety of services for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, small animals, exotics and barn animals … just to name a few!

What sets us apart from everyone else is our belief in non-kennel boarding. We are very unique from any daycare and boarding facility because we are a network of individuals providing care for your pet in their home where your pet becomes part of the family!  We believe it is better and less stressful on your pet to introduce them to one small individual’s home where there is only one new scent to learn, rather than introduce them to a large, loud facility with hundreds of new smells and noises with multiple staff.  Here at Happily Ever After Pet Care & Rescue, you get to know the person who is taking care of your pets. We are committed to providing your pet the best individual care they need so that both you and your pet can relax.

Please check out the full list of services, and email or call us if you have any questions!